Spare Parts

At Southern Spreaders we have a comprehensive warehouse of spare parts for all our current and previous machines. We have the capability to supply spare parts for other Australian and Internationally built spreaders.

Spare parts can be designed and built for specific applications.

Southern Spreaders stocks a comprehensive range of generic spreading parts for the spreading industry.

On hand at any one time Southern Spreaders has over 1000 spare parts in stock and can supply any spare parts in a quick and cost effectively manner.

Call to discuss your spare parts requirements on (03) 5334 2611.


  • All spinners are sold as pairs
  • Spinners can be made to customers’ specifications
  • All components, fins or discs, can be purchased as individual parts
  • Spinner discs are made from 4mm steel
  • All fins are made from either 5mm or 6mm bisalloy