LM6 – Linkage Spreader

Southern Spreaders’ LM6 model is designed specifically for the contractor or large scale farmer who desires to spread a variety of products from
heavy rates of lime and manure to light rates of Urea.

Southern Spreaders’ LM6 suits both contractors and farmers alike allowing the operator to quickly disconnect the Linkage machine and perform other tasks with the same tractor.

Unlike many Linkage Spreaders, the LM6 utilizes a chain conveyor to feed the product onto the spinners rather than the traditional gravity feed. This feature is what allows the LM6 to spread products that compact in the hopper and won’t flow, such as lime, gypsum and manure. In addition ground dumped products can also be spread, without the risk of clumps of dirt blocking the feed.

While being a versatile machine the LM6 still achieves great spread widths allowing less compaction of the
paddock and more productivity due to less passes.

The spreader has been designed with balance in mind. The optimal balance has been achieved by placing a large amount of the weight in front of and
over the linkage joints, effectively transferring more weight onto the front axle of the tractor than a conventional linkage machine.

Linkage Spreader Linkage Spreader


  • Quality European piston motors and proportional valves to maximize efficiency
  • Compatible with Topcon, Trimble, Raven, John Deere and ISO
    (If your desired controller isn’t listed please contact us)
  • Complete stainless steel frame and bin

With a spreading width of up to:

Metres of Single Super
Metres of Lime
Metres of Urea
Metres of Manure

Please refer to our R&D tab to read about our research in this field.


  • Heavy duty roll tarp kit
  • Mud flap kit
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • Twin control chain for headland and section control
  • L.E.D. tail and clearance light kit
  • Available with broad acre spread setup to dairy spread setup