760 Chain Spreader

Southern Spreaders’ 760 Chain Contractor model is designed specifically for the contractor or large scale farmer who needs a multipurpose machine to spread a variety of products from heavy rates of manure to light rates of Urea.

Southern Spreaders’ 760 Chain Spreader suits hilly terrain due to its consistent spread pattern up and down hills as well as along the sides of hills due to the chain minimising product flow from side to side of the machine. A versatile machine for heavy products that can compact in the bin, the conveyor removes the product with ease, due to its positive drive system.

Southern Spreaders’ 760 Chain Spreader is easy to maintain due to fewer moving parts when compared with a conventional belt spreader. 760 chain upgrades over the previous model include larger drive shafts, pillow block bearings on the main drive away from the fertilizer path, 60mm drive roller, more robust spinner shafts and couplings and a bolt together rear end for easier maintenance.

Southern Spreaders Mounted 750 Chain Spreader Curved Back


  • Heavy duty roll tarp kit
  • Stainless steel access ladder
  • Twin control chain for headland and section control
  • Front and rear LED flood lights
  • Fitment of spreader to truck / tractor including all hydraulics and electrics
  • Tipping hoist fitted to truck for easy cleaning
  • Water tank
  • Load cell system
  • Much more

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