Research and Development

Innovating and Engineering

Research and Development of our products is an area of Southern Spreaders that has grown in recent years. This department of the business sets us apart, as not only a manufacturer of spreaders and trailers but as an innovator in the field, being able to tailor each product to the end users own specifications.

We are continually researching new ways of spreading product and backing that research with the development of new and innovative ways of spreading. We use 3D digital software that enables us to view discreet element modelling to ascertain how particles perform under different spinner designs and speeds. This has allowed us to build products that will ensure you get the best spread pattern through reduction of the spinner speed from 1100rpm down to 750rpm. This reduction in speed avoids fertilizer crushing, which ensures the fertilizer makes it to the ground and doesn’t float into the air as dust. The outcome from this will be a significant reduction in wastage and increased profitability.

Our goal in the research and development area is to achieve the best possible spreading pattern and the widest spread which translates into less trips in the paddock and less compaction in the paddock due to tyre marks.