About Us

Southern Spreaders specialises in the design and manufacture of Spreaders and fertiliser handling equipment for the use of contractors and large-scale farmers. Southern Spreaders can carry out all repairs and supply spare parts for most spreaders including Comspread and Gasons Spreaders.

Southern Spreaders deal in, service and back up Topcon GPS control and Auto steer systems. Southern Spreaders also can offer Trimble and other ISO compatible systems.

Southern Spreaders gives the end user of fertilizer the best possible spread, achieving 36 meters with urea and 45 meters with super whilst still allowing for a good spread with lime and other bulk products this allows the contractor to be efficient as possible saving time and money.

We are also a supplier of an extensive range of all major hydraulic components including but not limited to Eaton and Rexroth.

Southern Spreaders designs and manufactures all of its spreaders to meet all of the contractor’s requirements, and special requests for made to order spreaders can be discussed, designed  and manufactured. All of this is backed up by after sales service and a comprehensive spare parts division that is second to none.

The design of the unit ensures a light tare weight for maximum load capacity while not compromising on strength and durability, all units are tested to internationally recognised standards.

Southern Spreaders are committed to their products, backed by an extensive warranty that not only meets but exceeds the end users objectives, they are easy to operate and give the user confidence that the job will be done on time.

A comprehensive Training Program allows users to understand their machine before they use it in a commercial context, with ongoing training and support throughout the life of the unit.